My son has been doing private voice lessons with Adia at Coppell Music Academy, and LOVES it. He's sort of a natural performer, a silly-heart and really doesn't mind being up in front of people. It was just a fleeting idea, that turned into a reality - that he's now being coached - and improving greatly - on how to control his voice, how to hit the notes, and navigate the chords of a changing vocal system as he goes into his teens. He will be performing at his first recital soon, singing two songs he's been working on very hard. We are so proud of his dedication and we've literally watched with amazement at his improvement. With CMA, he's been able to set independent goals, and work on something outside of sports, and team sports - and as it turns out, he's coachable outside of sports as well! We've found it very enriching and I know he is feeling pride too! He has always filled our home with song, and now he is learning 'how' to use his natural instrument. Could not be more proud of him and happy with Mr. Khan, Timika and Adia at Coppell Music Academy! THANK YOU!

- Kari M, Coppell, TX


Mr. Khan is very patient but kindly persistent. He always chats with my son before starting the lesson, so he builds a personal connection first. During lessons, he gives my son individual attention although he is enrolled in group lessons. He gently corrects and allows students choices in the music chosen for recitals. Overall, we are very satisfied with our choice of music schools and would recommend friends to enroll here.

- Danielle P., Coppell, TX


My son has been attending Coppell Music Academy for about 5 months now and he is thriving! He is on the autism spectrum and we have found that playing the piano is wonderful for him. Mr. Khan has been his instructor and he is a fantastic teacher. He really understands how to teach my son with special needs and is very patient and kind. My son loves to go to his piano class! We highly recommend CMA for any child, but also for kids with special needs. Thank you Mr. Khan and Ms. Timika!

- Sandra M., Coppell, TX


Our kids have been enrolled in Coppell Music Academy for piano as well as voice lessons for nearly nine years, and we've seen them improve year on year. The school itself has grown tremendously as well. The kids have developed such a great relationship with Mr. Khan and his staff, who have always been very professional and shown us that they truly care about the children's musical development. Mrs. Fox, the voice instructor is such a great encourager and teacher, the children look forward to meeting her each week.
For us, the best thing we can say about Coppell Music Academy is their willingness to accommodate students' individual unique talents and encourage them to take on music projects outside of the school's material. When your kids can together come up with their own music project and treat our family to a good evening of duets, as parents, you can't help but feel proud. Great job, Coppell Music Academy. You've been amazing!!!

- Sheila & Delali A., Coppell, TX


I have had an excellent experience at Coppell Music Academy….Prof. Amir has been giving piano lessons to my 5 years old son for the past 8 months. He is an AMAZING piano teacher. He makes sure kids are having fun while learning piano. The progress I’ve seen in my son’s piano skills is very impressive. After 6 months, I also decided to take private piano lessons with Prof. Amir…From my own experience, he is excellent!...I love his teaching methodology; it’s the perfect balance between theory and practice. I highly recommend the CMA and Prof. Amir!

- Marisela L., Lewisville, TX


Amir is a great teacher. When we moved, we stuck with him, despite the longer drive, and even after he moved to this studio, we decided to stick with Amir rather than find a different teacher. He really knows how to talk to kids without talking down to them. I highly recommend.

- Krystal S., Flower Mound, TX


We have been with Mr . Khan for more than 5 years now. Both my kids go to CMA now. The teaching has been excellent and I have seen them grow significantly during all these years. Mr. Khan is an amazing teacher who works great with kids . I would highly recommend this place.

- Dr. Manjeera C., Coppell, TX


Having moved to Texas from the UK we wanted to continue our children's music learning. At first they were enrolled in a different music school in Coppell which did not cater for their needs and felt that the teachers were not creative enough and lacked motivation. We switch to Coppell Music Academy and have not been disappointed. This school is an EXCELLENT music academy. Very organized and professional and similar to the standards we are used to in England. The staff are very supportive and helpful especially Timika. Mr Khan is superb and clearly a dedicated and caring teacher and has been very flexible in the schedule to fit in the children's other activities. My children study percussion and voice and the teachers are top quality, creative, passionate and innovative- like music teachers should be. Amazing experience and I highly recommend this school.

- Harry T., Coppell, TX


My Son has been taking piano lesson from Mr. Khan for about a year. Mr. Khan is very professional. He has lots of patience and he is very good with kids. My son loves to go here. When my son joined last year he had big time maintain the tempo and Mr. Khan has helped him improve it a lot. I like the master songs selection. Once my son can a play a song well then he can make it as a master song which he will be keep practicing. This helps him to remember the song and techniques and play it with ease it. Now he has so many songs and it is easy for him to select the best for the recital. I see a lot of improvements in my son in the last one year.

The Lady at the front desk is very nice and she answers all your questions with billing, timing or makeup classes. The environment is too good and I love the bright colorful waiting area for the parents.

I definitely recommend taking piano lessons here.

- Arun K., Irving, TX


My daughter has been taking piano lesson from Mr Amir Khan for a year now. In Coppell Music Academy Mr Amir khan provides various lessons even in piano as per students need. My daughter used to be a student of his composition class before and learned various techniques on music composition starting form basics. He has a well-organized syllabus defined for this course and I am sure anyone completing that course will feel satisfied on the knowledge gained during that time.

Mr. Khan is a brilliant teacher. My daughter is showing visible improvements after she started taking private lesson under his guidance. He is serious about music and expects students also taking the lesson by heart. He follows certain routines and rules during his lesson which help the students to deliver his or her best. He is very organized and I truly appreciate the planning and method has been put together behind this music academy. He always provides feedback during lessons, and keeps us appraised on the progress. So as a parent you would never feel unfamiliar about any situation. He gently corrects and allows students choices in the music chosen for recitals.

Overall, we are very satisfied with our choice of music schools and would recommend friends to enroll here.

- Aritra S., Irving, TX


I have been working with Mr. Amir Khan for about three months and has been a great experience. My daughter also takes class here and have been picking up the piano very quickly. I really like that the focus is not only on ability play but also to be able learn the concepts.

- Karthik R., Coppell, TX


Amazing place for learning music.. wide variety of instruments to learn from and very enthusiastic teachers.. both my kids love to learn music here.. My daughter enjoys learning voice lessons as well! So thankful to have an amazing music academy so close to home. The founder, Mr Amir Khan is very dedicated and sincere in his passion for music!

- Ritu L., Coppell, TX


I have my daughter at this music school for a few months and her improvement is visible. I am very happy with the group classes. It is helping my daughter a lot. The teacher and the lady on front desk are very nice people. As much I like that, I just sign my little son for guitar classes too.

- Sonaide F., Coppell, TX


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for teaching him music. As you probably know that he started piano in a grieving state of mind after his older sister passed away. You have helped him tremendously to cope with this bitter part of his life with piano. Thank you for the encouragement you have given him through his course of learning. I can only hope that he continues to nurture this passion through his life.

- Shoaba M., Irving, TX


Coppell Music Academy is a great place to start and learn music, the teacher Mr Khan is intuitive and teaches the students at their level of understanding, my child who is a kindergartner is learning piano at a good pace.

- Sapna P., Irving TX


I will say I am so very grateful to have found you as her teacher, as you totally understand her creative personality and nurture her talent.  I know her enthusiasm would have not lasted if it wasn't for you. I believe a good teacher like you will leave a lasting impression her and I'm thankful to have you as her guide. Thank you for not only shaping her music talent but also sharing her enthusiasm. I can't think of a better guide than you for her passion for music.

- Neha P., Coppell, TX


Mr Khan is a great teacher. He is encouraging and patient; and in the months since we started, my daughters have progressed so much under his guidance. He strikes the perfect balance between the structured and free styles of learning, as he puts emphasis both on working through the method book and helping them broaden their horizons with sheet music of their own selection. I would definitely recommend Mr Khan to anyone looking for a great piano teacher.

- Murugesan P.,  Irving, TX


This is a very professional music academy with talented instructors. My son is a student in here and I am happy to see that he is learning his piano skills every week.

- Anil B,  Coppell, TX


Inspiring place to learn music. My daughter made a great progress with her piano. Kids sometimes don’t do homework properly but teachers are perseverant to ask them to re-do if necessary. Teachers also quickly update on kids’ progress after each lesson. Great vibe and environment. Nice waiting cum play area for parents and little siblings. Mr Khan is thoroughly professional and very approachable. School has just started a reward program to keep the kids motivated, in addition to recital program already in place. Definitely recommended.

- Kapil R., Irving TX


Mr. Khan has been a great teacher, kid loves the class.

- Suman K.,  Coppell, TX


We never doubted our decision of moving our two sons to this academy under the guidance of Mr. Amir Khan. He is a great instructor and our kids love learning music under him. The location is easily accessible. The studio is away from any kind of noise and so offers perfect environment for learning. Mr. Khan gives full attention to the learners. Kids get opportunity for recitals that brings enthusiasm in learning. If a lesson is missed due to unavoidable circumstances, Mr. Khan is kind enough to offer the makeup lesson.
A perfect place to introduce your kids to music and help them learn better.


- Navnita H. , Coppell, TX


My two kids learn Piano with Mr. Amir Khan. He is an excellent teacher and very good at working with little kids. His program is very structured and provides workbooks to follow. He always provides the feedback to parents and what needs to be practiced at home. His facility is in middle of Coppell and very convenient to access. Fee is reasonable. He also lets you schedule make-up classes whenever you miss a class. This is a great value. I highly recommend Coppell Music Academy and Mr. Amir Khan.


- Satya M., Coppell, TX


We like the CMA’s philosophy of making learning music fun.  The quality of instruction is outstanding and our kids not only get a good lesson in music but seem to enjoy themselves as well, which to us is very important.   The recitals are well organized and the children look forward to picking their own songs which is also a refreshing approach from other studios.


- Arjun W. , South Lake, TX


Mr. Khan is a very good piano instructor in the DFW area. He is punctual on timings & methodical in teaching. The theory/actual lessons are well composed together and in orderly progressive manner. He always follows up with some of the leanings from previous sessions and that makes the learner to practice thorough and stays up to date. Most importantly he is passionate in teaching, and works around kid’s skills/abilities. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Khan as our kids music teacher and I would recommend him for any student that’s looking for best piano teacher.
- Raja K. , Coppell TX 

Amir is very calm and patient teaching children, while also being constructively honest with feedback. My kids greatly enjoy learning piano with Amir. Song choice is fun, instruction is clear, and my kids understand their responsibilities. Lessons are convenient matching our schedule. Recitals are part of the lesson plan, so my kids work towards an achievable goal.
- Seth H. , Castle Hills TX 


Mr. Khan is a great teacher, he is very enthusiastic, patient and shows a true passion for what he does. He shows genuine interest in each student and encourages them to do their best and more. I would definitely recommend Mr. Khan to all my friends.


- Monica D., Coppell, TX
My daughter has been learning violin for over a year and half and her teacher, Mr. Cautivar, has been very knowledgeable, encouraging and keeps her interested in learning. The classes are at home and convenient. Mr. Cautivar is always punctual and courteous. Communications with Amir are smooth, easy, and prompt. He ensures you are informed and in the loop in case of any changes in schedule etc. 
- Anu M. , Coppell TX 


My experience with Mr Khan as my daughter's piano teacher has been very incredible and I think I have learned as much as my daughter. He is very thorough.

- Amlendu S., Irving, TX


He is very thorough with his classes. My child has been taking his piano classes for more than 6 months and I feel very confident with the progress she has made so far.


- Kalpana D., Irving, TX

Mr. Amir is a very professional piano instructor who teaches our daughters 10 and 6. They have progressed tremendously under his guidance and they love the  lessons and recitals. His lessons are very affordable and he works around our schedule changes and is always prompt. I would definitely recommend Mr. Amir Khan for private piano lessons.
- Sajini G. , Coppell TX 


Mr Khan is a very good instructor. He is very punctual and professional. He teaches passionately. He is very knowledgeable and patient with my six year old son. He makes lessons interesting and fun and always gives us feedback at the end of the instruction. My son likes learning the keyboard since Mr. Khan makes the lesson enjoyable. He teaches both theory along with playing the keyboard. He is very thorough with the details in playing techniques - hand position, finger position, and wrist movement. A six year student and the right instructor makes a winning combination. I would recommend Mr. Khan for any student from four to ninety four! He is the best.
- Sophy A. , Coppell TX

"Amir is very patient with my daughter and very encouraging. I am soo impressed with the progress she has made in the short time that she has been taking piano lessons. She is playing classical music and popular songs that she has chosen like "California Girls" by Katy Perry! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for piano lesson for their child".
- Kim Q. , Plano TX 

"My girls are now playing very difficult pieces and it shocks me when I hear it! I like how Amir works with the girls and let them pick out songs they want to play. He thought of a reward program to give them more incentive to practice. He truly seems geniune in the fact he wants them to love the piano, it isn't  just about getting through a lesson. I recommend Amir Khan as a piano teacher."
Karen A., Murphy, TX 

"Thank you for Christine - she was great with the girls. "


- Cara H., Coppell, TX 

"Piano lessons is one of my retirement projects because I have always loved music, but never had the time to learn to play before now. I have been very pleasantly surprised to find that the lessons are very indivdualized; and very soon after beginning lessons, I was encouraged to work with music of my own choice, along with the prescribed curriculum music. I see that every student is encouraged in flexible ways, whether they want to play music for video games or popular music or classical.   The music lessons have been a great way to keep my brain active and to provide hours of enjoyment."
- Linda M., Coppell, TX 

"Amir has been giving my daughter piano lessons for more than a year and our experience has been wonderful and rewarding. My daughter is slowly but surely improving her skills and it shows in her play and practice. Amir is very good and patient teacher I am confortable with his style and approach. I wish him all the success."
- Ashwin K., Coppell, TX 


"Mr. Khan is an excellent piano teacher. His ability with kids has proven very effective with my daughter, she has improved her music skills greatly in just  couple of months. Having fun while learning to play piano has been fundamental in his teaching methodology.  Highly recommended!"
- Victor V., Dallas, TX 

"Our son has made tremendous progress and a large part of that credit goes to Amir. His patient approach to teaching is refreshing. He is very professional, reliable and easy to work with. Among his several excellent attributes as a piano instructor the one that we are most impressed by is his command of piano and ability to impart that to his students seemlessly."
- Lakshmi A. , Richardson, TX 

"Amir ensures my children understands each piece completely before he moves on to the next level. With other teachers, my daughter would just memorize hand placement. She was not well at reading notes. Now she can understand the and music and read from her music sheets. He is always patient and kind too!"
- Maria R., Dallas, TX 

"Hello Matthew, I wanted to express how much I loved our lesson today.  It was too much fun and I can’t wait for next Saturday.  Thanks Amir for your tenacity in finding me a great teacher!"
- Mona F., Coppell, TX

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