It took me years to try and test various systems to come up with my own solutions using the extremely flexible Podio. What is Podio? It is cloud-based app development system that allows you to create cloud-based “work flow systems” for your company or business.


Whether you're a solo teacher (for piano, guitar, voice, drums, violin, cello etc) or a multi-teacher studio (like ours), every one is different. Every music studio conducts business in their unique way and therefore, boiler plate solutions just don't work. I tried several solutions for managing my students, their schedule, contact management system and every one failed to meet my specific needs.


Therefore I created my own system using Podio. Through this cloud-based service I created simple customizable apps that do following for me:


  • Manage my studio schedule efficiently.

  • Manage my students and know all details instantly.

  • Provides the primary CMS (contact management system) which I use effectively to market my studio.

  • Integrates my new prospect web form directly into my prospect database. This allows a streamlined workflow system, knowing exactly who contacted me when and what is their status. 

  • Allows me to run important financial reports (allowing me access to quick calculations on key factors of business)


I feel that many of my peers are in similar position I was in and desperately require a solid viable, affordable work flow system for their business that is 100% customizable. Therefore, I now teach this system and help any one from solo music teacher to multi-teacher music studios. 




1. Create a custom app/solution that will store your entire current student database. This will easily integrate (talk to) any other apps you build in Podio (and even outside).

2. Create a custom app/solution through which you can integrate your inquiry web form into your prospects database (this will allow you to keep records of all subsequent communication and follow up action for them).

3. Use your prospects database to segment by instruments, age, or any other criteria. You can also assign prospects status; hot, warm and cold. You can then instantly export prospects based on certain criteria. Example: Hot prospects looking for piano lessons to fill empty spots in your schedule.*

4. Create a custom app/solution to show your student schedule. This app can then be linked with your current student database. Any changes to your student database can make automatic updates in your schedule.

5. For multi-teacher studio, teacher availability calendar. This shows available spots with any number of teachers in your studio. You can instantly assign that spot and update your student database and studio schedule.

6. Input key data into your student database that will allow you to run crucial daily/weekly/monthly financial reports. An example is you can instantly figure out your average profitability per student (on daily, monthly or yearly basis), revenue per month/year and much much more.




1. We will have a 1-hour initial consultation Skype chat (this will allow me to gather important information to help you setup your system)

2. We will have 1-hour setup introduction Skype chat (during this time I will explain how we’re going to create the apps)

3. We will have 2-hour implementation Skype chat (during this time we will actually build the apps/customize fields and input data)

4. Follow up 1-hour Skype chat (by this time, all your solutions will be implemented and you can ask any questions)

5. Unlimited support via email for up to 30-days.

* If you need to test the overall power of the system, then I can build a custom prospects app only for you. When sending me message, please mention that option.



1. We will use free Podio account.

2. We will use free wix website account (if you want to use your website, then I will create/provide html code for web form that will integrate with Podio, you will have to embed it into your website)

3. Your only cost is my time (listed below), there is no other monthly/re-occuring charges or cost.



I charge a reasonable fee that will be valuable investment for your business (because it will increase your business many folds). After understanding your needs, I can quote you my fees. Remember, once you have a custom-built system, I will teach you how to maintain, manage, change and expand it. There is no reoccuring fees!


If you're not ready for a total workflow system (maybe it is too much), you could test the system by letting me build only the powerful prospects app for you. This will cost less and you're able to test the system (please mention that when contacting me)


Complete the form on the right or contact me via email at to schedule:

1. FREE no-obligation Skype chat. This will allow you to tell me your needs and expectations. If I can help you I will ask you to signup for my consulting service. If I cannot help you, I will tell you.

2. After the initial FREE Skype chat,  I will email you a proposal which will outline the details of the project. After reviewing the proposal, if you agree on the fee and terms,  then I will email invoice for you to pay the consulting fee and provide instructions/schedule for our consulting Skype calls.

If you have any questions or ready to proceed, send a message using the form on the right or email me:





I believe business consulting should be results-driven. If you don't receive the results you were expecting, then I did not do my job right.

Therefore, if after I completely design and implement your system, you are not 100% satisfied, please let me know. I will make it right or refund 100% of your investment.

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