Who should take the piano teacher training program:

- If you are a existing piano teacher struggling to find new students.

- If you are a new piano teacher and want to learn the secrets of getting more students using effective marketing systems.

- If you are home-based or in-home piano teacher with students and exploring opening your own studio (may require signing NDA and non-compete doc).

- If you a piano teacher with students but want to take your business to the next level.

- If you are a piano teacher teaching only private students and want to learn how to teach group classes.

- If you are a non-piano music teacher, you can use this system to begin teaching beginner level piano students.

What will you learn in piano teacher training program:

- You will learn about principles of good piano teacher methodology.

- You will learn to choose age-appropriate and right piano method books.

- You will learn to find and use age and level appropriate outside repertoire music.

- You will learn how to create and develop group piano classes.

- You will learn how to market effectively using 3 types of piano lessons programs: semi private group class, group class and private lessons.

What you will not learn in piano teacher training program:

- This program is designed for existing music teachers (not necessarily piano teachers). This assumes you have some music training including ability to read grand staff notation.

- If you cannot play any musical instrument or read music at all, this course is not for you.

- If you're a existing piano teacher, this course will not provide any academic pedagogy enhancement instructions.

What is the duration of piano teacher training program:

- The piano teacher training program runs for 4 weeks, 2-hours/week.

- Total 8 hours of instructions and practical/real life experience.

What is included in the piano teacher training programs:

- 4 weeks / 8-hour intensive course.

- Pdf files of piano teacher training program.

- One-on-one instructions with Coppell Music Academy owner/director.

- Observing actual piano classes and lessons using our methodology.

When can I start piano teacher training programs:

- Training can begin anytime you want. Once you've enroll (using the link below), we'll discuss schedule that will work us mutually.

What is the cost of piano teacher training programs:

- The total cost of the training program is $500 (using online payment full amount can be paid only)

- The payment can be made in 3 easy payments via check for $167 each (first payment check required before the program, second payment check after 2 weeks, and final payment check after completion of the course).

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