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Dear Parents,


Coppell Music Academy will conduct all music classes LIVE ONLINE ONLY from your teacher effective March 23, 2020.


What do you need to have a live music class/lesson:

1. You'll need free "Zoom [cloud meeting]" app installed on your phone or tablet (available for free on Apple and Android platform) or Zoom for your desktop (may need to install program, please preinstall and test before class).

2. Meeting ID and password for the class/lesson (we will provide this prior to your scheduled lesson).


How to prepare for live music class/lesson:

1. Please install and test Zoom app or Zoom program on your computer (ensure both your mic and speakers are working)

2. Below are pictures to offer guidance on how to properly place/hold your phone or place your computer to allow your teacher to see you properly.

3. Login few minutes prior to scheduled class/lesson using login meeting id and password that was sent to you via email.


All your weekly classes are  prescheduled with a specific Zoom ID/passcode that remains the same each week. Note, currently all 1-hr lessons and classes are setup as two 30-minute meetings (you will receive two meeting IDs/passcodes, this is due to Zoom app restriction and we are working to remove it.

Help I still cannot connect to my class:

We suggest you test and be prepared to avoid last minute problems, in case it is a technical issue, we'll reschedule the class. Your teacher is assigned to your lesson/class and will be logged in and waiting for you. We've already held close to hundred lessons LIVE ONLINE mostly without any issues. In case there is a problem, please call us immediately at 469-609-7527 for assistance.



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