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Do you want your child to learn music in the best music school in the area? We are the "TOP-RATED MUSIC SCHOOL" in the area. Find out why we are highly rated school by reading below top 10 benefits of becoming a Coppell Music Academy student. If price is your primary concern, then we may not be the right music school for you. If, however, you're ready to invest in the best music education for your child, please complete the form on this page. 



Delase is our featured student. He has been taking piano lessons since he was 6 years old, now entering high school, he sounds incredible. Listen to this video and you be the judge!

In addition to playing incredibly well on the piano, Delase is member of his school band playing trombone. He has consistently scored as top-rated trombone playing in entire Dallas district. Here are some videos of our students.


If you enroll before the offer expiration date (9/25/18), we'll give you a $50 discount when enrolling for any program at Coppell Music Academy. 

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If you're enrolling online (using this website), you'll be charged $50 during the payment process. We'll issue a refund after your enrollment (ensure to mark Facebook in you 'request information form'). If you decide to visit us and enroll at our studio, we'll will directly apply the discount.

Offer applies to 1 family member per household and only new students.

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