Additional Enrollment Requirements: 

For non-US residents (non US citizens or greencard holders) 

Effective June 7, 2018 we require all non-US citizens or non-green card holders to make 1-month deposit when enrolling in any program at our music school. If you're in US on any kind of visa but are not permanent resident or US citizen, then this requirement applies to you. This applies to past students who are re-enrolling at CMA.

The deposit is equal to one-month tuition fee for the plan you're enrolling in at CMA. For example, if you're enrolling in piano group class and the monthly fee is $160/month. You will be required to place additional $160 deposit when enrolling. This deposit cannot be refunded but can only be used when you with draw from CMA based on our policy. 

EXAMPLE: If you're enrolling in group piano class, the total that would be be due at signing:

$160 non-refundable deposit

$160 first month's tuition fee

$50 enrollment fee


The $160 deposit is "non-refundable" and can only be applied to your last month's tuition fee once you provide 30-day withdrawal notice, based on our policy.

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